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  1. Posterior urethral valve patients present with varied presentations at any age of life and have significant associated morbidity and require long-term follow-up and care.

    Authors: Rishikesh Velhal, Aadhar Jain, Anveshi Nayan, Sujata Patwardhan and Bhushan Patil
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:158
  2. The mainstay for the diagnosis of prostate cancer is transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy. However, prostate biopsy is associated with a significant risk of complications including urinary tract infectio...

    Authors: Chinonso Odo, Emmanuel Nwali Afogu, Charles Azuwuike Odoemene, Anselm Okwudili Obi, Timothy Uzoma Mbaeri, Emmanuel Ahuizechukwu Obiesie, Chike John Okeke, Ugochukwu Uzodimma Nnadozie and Augustine Obasi Ulebe
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:157
  3. Hypospadias is the second most frequent congenital condition in boys after cryptorchidism, with an incidence of 0.3–0.7% compared to 2–4% for cryptorchidism. Since the 1980s, single-stage operations, such as t...

    Authors: Modou Ndiaye, Yaya Sow, Alioune Sarr, Amath Thiam, Samba Thiapato Faye, Ndiaga Seck Ndour, Babacar Sine, Cyrille Zé-Ondo, Ousmane Sow, Abdoulaye Ndiath, Aboubacar Traore, Ndeye Aissatou Bagayogo, Boubacar Fall, Babacar Diao, Papa Ahmed Fall and Alain Khassim Ndoye
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:156
  4. Extraction of DNA and RNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks is a critical process in molecular oncology testing. Using FFPE, it is possible to choose the portion of tissue to study, ta...

    Authors: Rafael Parra-Medina and Sandra Ramírez-Clavijo
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:154
  5. Urethral prolapse (UP) is a rare, benign condition that often goes misdiagnosed and mistreated. It consists of the eversion of the distal urethral mucosa through the outer urethral meatus, leading to vascular ...

    Authors: Salah Eddine Oussama Kacimi, Mohammad Aloulou, Ranim Naoum, Mohammed Moumeni, Abdallah Kaddour and Mohammed Said ElSheemy
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:153
  6. To compare the outcomes between classic tubularized incised plate (C-TIP), known as Snodgrass urethroplasty, and grafted TIP (G-TIP) in the repair of primary distal penile hypospadias.

    Authors: Shabib Ahmed, Yasser A. Noureldin, Hammoda Sherif, Ahmed Zahran and Rabea Omar
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:152
  7. Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy (LDN) has been established as a surgical standard for living kidney donation. The aim of this work is to report our own experience with LDN regarding outcome and technique.

    Authors: Osama Zaytoun, Moustafa Elsawy, Kareem Ateba, Ayman Khalifa, Ahmed Hamdy and Ahmed Mostafa
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:151
  8. The management of Von Hippel–Lindau syndrome (VHLS) is multidisciplinary. The urologist is involved in treating the renal, epididymal tumors and often adrenal pheochromocytoma. Preservation of renal and adrena...

    Authors: Selvin Theodore Jayanth, Partho Mukherjee, Arun Jacob Philip George, J. Chandrasingh, T. J. Nirmal, Rajiv Paul Mukha, Santosh Kumar and Antony Devasia
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:150
  9. Scrotal abscesses are common skin abscesses seen in the general population; however, intraperitoneal abscesses tracking into the scrotum are rare. Intraperitoneal and retroperitoneal abscesses contiguous with ...

    Authors: Julia T. Scali, Young G. Son, Ian T. Madison, Benjamin A. Fink and Thomas J. Mueller
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:149
  10. The incidental detection of small renal masses (SRMs) is increasing and biopsy to obtain pathological diagnosis is increasingly proposed as a diagnostic tool to guide further management. Renal mass biopsies ar...

    Authors: Justin Kwong, Gary May and Michael Ordon
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:148
  11. Overall incidence of stones in kidney transplant recipients is 1%. En-bloc kidney transplant is a rare anatomical condition in which kidney stones treatment can be extremely difficult to treat. As far as we kn...

    Authors: Diego Santillán, Jordan Ceferino Scherñuk Schroh, Patricia Andrea Gutierrez, Franco Thomas, Federico Ignacio Tirapegui, Juan Moldes, Christian Cristallo and Mariano Sebastian González
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:147
  12. Urolithiasis is a pathology that changes with time and with the evolution of human societies. The prevalence of this pathology has gradually increased during the last decades, especially because of dietary cha...

    Authors: Khayra Sbahi, Brahim Kacem, Randa Talhi, Aicha Azaiz, Abderahmane Attar and Ahmed Addou
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:146
  13. Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is a complex surgery and has a flat learning curve. Due to this and the ethical issues, trainees do not get enough hands on exposure. Virtual simulator is very expensive and...

    Authors: Abhishek Shukla, Gurwinder Sethi, Ananya Dutta, Puneet Aggarwal and Ayon Gupta
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:143
  14. Intrauterine copper devices are a popular type of contraceptives, being in use for a long time. Migration of IUCD into the bladder is one of the many side effects of this contraceptive measure. Though a rare p...

    Authors: Shoaib Muhammad, Amman Yousaf, Mihir Tejanshu Shah, Rabia Nazim and Arif Qayyum
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:142
  15. The literature review provides a concise and detailed description of the available and published data on the investigated research problem. The study summarizes findings over the last 100 years regarding clini...

    Authors: Snezana M. Jovicic
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:141
  16. Richter’s syndrome is the transformation of indolent lymphoma into an aggressive form, most commonly diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Most patients are known to have chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Richter’s syndr...

    Authors: Elsayed Desouky, Wassim Al-Salti and Muhammad Khan
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:139
  17. Urethral calculi are rare, representing 1–2% of all calculi affecting the urinary tract. Impacted urethra calculi are commoner in males due to anatomical differences between the male and female urethra. The tr...

    Authors: Babatunde K. Hamza, Ahmad Bello, Musliu Adetola Tolani, Jerry G. Makama and Nuhu Yusuf
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:138
  18. Primary bladder neck obstruction (PBNO) is one of the causes of bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) and rarely results in renal failure. We are presenting the clinical characteristics of young male patients with ...

    Authors: Adem Emrah Coguplugil, Bahadir Topuz, Turgay Ebiloglu, Murat Zor and Mesut Gurdal
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:137
  19. Many work activities such as leather tanning include hazards to work. Among these, biological hazards are particularly important and pose a serious problem to human health and environment. The aims of this stu...

    Authors: Arhoune Ilham, Hoummani Hasnae, Arhoune Btissam, Belaroussi Leila, El Fakir Samira and Achour Sanae
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:136
  20. Prostate biopsy is a commonly performed outpatient procedure in urology. It is a rapidly changing field with wide variation in practice pattern. The aim of this study is to document the current practice of pro...

    Authors: Taofiq O. Mohammed, Abdulwahab A. Ajape, Suleiman A. Kuranga, Hamid B. Olanipekun and Tolulope T. Ogunfowora
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:135
  21. Obstructed defecation is a common pelvic floor medical problem among adult population. Pelvic floor disorders were reported to be associated with sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction among male pa...

    Authors: Mervat Sheta Elsawy and Emmanuel Kamal Aziz Saba
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:134
  22. Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is an important cause of post-surgical morbidity and mortality. This study aimed to apply a validated risk assessment model to evaluate the risk of post-operative VTE in urology pa...

    Authors: Winston Paul René Padayachee, Mohamed Haffejee and Marietha Nel
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:133
  23. Surgical correction of the webbed penis is challenging. We presented the safety and feasibility of webbed penis correction for neonates under local anesthesia using a simple principle of leaving equal cylindri...

    Authors: Osama Abdullah Bawazir, Obada Alladh Alhallaq, Bashair Albayhani and Abdullah Bawazir
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:132
  24. Isolated scrotal gunshot injuries are uncommon. Even more so when they are self-inflicted. The extent of the injury is determined by the caliber of the weapon. Established management protocols when followed yi...

    Authors: Albert Efiong Ukpong, Okon Edet Akaiso, Elijah Asuquo Udo, Ifiok Udo Essiet, Oto-bong Okpoho Peter and Ifiok Paul Etim
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:130
  25. Although open radical prostatectomy has been used in the treatment of localized prostate cancer for a long time, minimally invasive surgical approaches such as laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and robot-assi...

    Authors: Ahmet Semih Guleser, Yasar Basaga and Mert Ali Karadag
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:129
  26. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is commonly found in the aging male. Treatment of BPH can be in form of conservative or surgical intervention. Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is the gold-stan...

    Authors: Ihsan Azka Adriansyah, Andika Afriansyah, Moammar Andar Roemare Siregar, Nugroho Purnomo, Hendy Mirza and Doddy Hami Seno
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:128
  27. Female urethral stricture (FUS) is an uncommon cause of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in women. Reconstructive techniques are being increasingly used for strictures resistant to the more conservative for...

    Authors: Varun Kumar Katiyar, Rajeev Sood, Anurag Singla, Hemant Kumar Goel, Nikhil Khattar and Varun Gunavanthe
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:127
  28. Malignant ureteral obstruction caused by extrinsic compression of a primary malignant tumour or by metastatic disease is an indicator of poor prognosis with a median life expectancy of about one year. We exami...

    Authors: Yasuyuki Kobayashi, Hiroki Arai and Masahito Honda
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:126
  29. Rupture of the fornix is a rare and serious urological complication of obstructive pathologies. The main cause is ureteral stone, but rarely a bladder tumor. Described complications of fornix rupture are super...

    Authors: Saleh Abdelkerim Nedjim, El Mostapha Abdi, Hissein Hagguir, Amine Moataz, Mohamed Dakir, Adil Debbagh and Rachid Aboutaieb
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:125
  30. Patients with idiopathic calcium oxalate stones are advised to consume a low-oxalate diet to prevent recurrence. In this study, on patients with calcium oxalate stones we have attempted to determine the effect...

    Authors: Sathish Kumar Gopala and Jim Joe
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:124
  31. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women, and most breast cancer related deaths are due to metastasis. Urinary bladder metastasis from breast cancer is rarely reported in the literature.

    Authors: Asma Hadhri, Rim Abidi, Najet Mahjoub, Alia Mousli, Khalil Mahjoubi, Nadia Boujelbene and Chiraz Nasr
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:123
  32. Testicular microlithiasis in children was defined for the first time in 1961 based on histological criteria. There should be more than 5 calcifications per testicle in order to say that the patient has testicu...

    Authors: Amina Chaka, Amine Fredj Daassa, Wadye Hamdouni, Kamel Ktari, Rachida Laamiri and Abdellatif Nouri
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:122
  33. Prostate cancer is most often diagnosed at the metastatic stage in many sub-Saharan African countries. The objective of our study is to analyze the management of metastatic prostatic adenocarcinoma based on ep...

    Authors: Cyrille Ze Ondo, Abdoulaye Ndiath, Alioune Sarr, Amath Thiam, Babacar Sine, Ousmane Sow, Ndiaga Seck Ndour, Babacar Diao, Papa Ahmed Fall and Alain Khassim Ndoye
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:121
  34. Prostate cancer can be detected incidentally in patients undergoing transurethral resection of the prostate for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Therefore, it is very important that the transurethral resection of...

    Authors: Döndü Nergiz, Hülya Tosun Yıldırım and Şenay Yıldırım
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:120
  35. To describe the retroperitoneoscopic donor nephrectomy learning curve differences between a high volume (training) hospital in Basel, Switzerland, and a low volume (trainee) hospital in Cape Town, South Africa...

    Authors: André van der Merwe, N. Nicole Ebinger Mundorf, H. van Heerden, G. Bonkat, H. van Deventer, G. Mantica, Z. Keyser and A. Bachmann
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:119
  36. Paratesticular fibrous pseudotumour is a rare benign growth with unclear pathogenesis and clinical management. It has been linked to Serum IgG4-related disease. This mass can notoriously masquerade around as a...

    Authors: Jeena Raju Kudunthail, Nikhil Dhimole, Gurpreet Singh and Savitri Honakeri
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:118
  37. A pyonephrosis caused by an obstructing calculus is typically accompanied by fever, loin pain, and other signs of urinary tract infection. Occasionally, severe thinning of the renal parenchyma in pyonephrosis ...

    Authors: Kamlesh Hawaldar Singh, Ankit Vyas, Tarun Rochlani and Sujata Kiran Patwardhan
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:117
  38. Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread globally starting from late 2019. The WHO declared it a global pandemic in March 2020, causing nations around the world to introduce various control measures to ...

    Authors: A. H. Wisda Kusuma, Sakti R. Brodjonegoro, Indrawarman Soerohardjo, Ahmad Z. Hendri and Prahara Yuri
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:116
  39. To compare the urinary biomarkers—beta 2-microglobulin (β2M), monocyte chemotactic peptide-1 (MCP-1), and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β1)—in the outcome assessment of children with pelviureteric junct...

    Authors: Rupesh Keshri, Krishna Kumar Govindarajan, Medha Rajappa, Kumaravel Sambandan, Bikash Kumar Naredi and Bibekanand Jindal
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:115
  40. Retroperitoneal fibrosis can be associated with bilateral dense and extensive periureteral adhesions. When ureterolysis could not be successfully performed due to disease extent and severity, elaborate uretera...

    Authors: Vigneswara Srinivasan Sockkalingam Venkatachalapathy, Datson George Palathullil, Dempsey Mohan Sam and George Palathullil Abraham
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:114
  41. To describe our scrotal bridge flap technique in reconstructive surgery for extensive penile paraffinoma, a debilitating late complication of penile subcutaneous foreign material injection intended to achieve ...

    Authors: Muhammad Arif Khairudin, Syahril Anuar Salauddin and Hamid Ghazali
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:113
  42. To assess the imaging modalities used to investigate both visible haematuria and non-visible haematuria along with their detection rate of malignancy at two hospitals and the corresponding radiological workloa...

    Authors: Lee Chien Yap, Daniel Peter McNicholas, Anna L. Walsh, Abdul Rauf, Ken Patterson and Richard Power
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:112
  43. This study aimed to evaluate the outcomes of modified Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol and standard of care (SC) in bladder cancer patients who underwent radical cystectomy (RC). The length of s...

    Authors: Ahmad Zulfan Hendri, Said Alfin Khalilullah and Gede Andi Aditya
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:111
  44. Forgotten or retained (double-J) DJ stents may lead to several complications. Management of retained DJ stents poses a challenge for urologists not just surgically but also medicolegally and adds to the econom...

    Authors: Abhirudra Mulay, Rohit Kapoor, Sonu Sharma, Shashikant Asabe, Hareesh Belagali, Siddharth Singh, Vikram Satav and Vilas Sabale
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:110
  45. Identifying the precise location of the lower ureter is crucial in not only ureteral surgeries but also the other surgeries that may cause ureteral injury. Although a variety of approaches have been applied to...

    Authors: Hamidreza Zia, Seyed Saeed Tamehri Zadeh, Fatemeh Khatami and Seyed Mohammad Kazem Aghamir
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:107

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