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  1. This study aims to assess the severity of lower urinary tract symptoms, and to assess predictors of impaired quality of life among Egyptian adults complain of lower urinary tract symptoms.

    Authors: Isaac Samir Wasfy, Enayat Mohamed Soltan, Hassan A. Abdelwahab and Hend Mikhail Salama
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:19
  2. With routine antenatal ultrasonography, fetal hydronephrosis is commonly diagnosed. This leads to early detection of postnatal uretero-pelvic junction obstruction which may require surgical intervention. But, ...

    Authors: Pradnya Suhas Bendre, Parag Janardhan Karkera and Monita Nanjappa
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:17
  3. The aim of the study is to find the correlation between the prostate volume and severity of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) as measured by international prostate symptoms score and maximum urine flow rate ...

    Authors: Mudi Awaisu, Muhammed Ahmed, Ahmad Tijjani Lawal, Abdullahi Sudi, Musliu Adetola Tolani, Nasir Oyelowo, Muhammad Salihu Muhammad, Ahmad Bello and Hussaini Yusuf Maitama
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:16
  4. The presence of an extra testis is referred to as polyorchidism and is a rare congenital anomaly. There are with less than 200 cases reported, globally. It carries with it, a risk of malignancy making astute d...

    Authors: Anita R. Gune and Rahul P. Gune
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:15
  5. Generalized glucocorticoid resistance syndrome has a tremendously heterogenous and very broad clinical spectrum. This syndrome is caused by loss of glucocorticoid receptor (GR) function due to mutation leading...

    Authors: Sonu Sharma, Vilas Sabale, Vikram Satav, Rakesh Rollands, Abhirudra Mulay, Sunil Mhaske and Deepak Mane
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:14
  6. To assess awareness of ionizing radiation safety measures among Egyptian Urology Trainees and Urologists and see the effect of radiation safety courses on the adoption of these measures.

    Authors: Mohamed Omar, Esam E. A. Desoky, Basheer Elmohamady, Alaa El-Shaer and Yasser A. Noureldin
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:13
  7. Since the advent of the massive prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing, prostate cancer has become a major public health problem. It is currently the most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer ...

    Authors: Sow Aboubakry, Tazi Mohammed Fadl, Ahsaini Moustapha, Mellas Soufiane, El Ammari Jalal Eddine, El Fassi Mohammed Jamal and Farih My Hassan
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:12
  8. Chylous ascites is rare but still a recognized complication of retroperitoneal surgeries caused mostly by inadvertent trauma to lymphatic channels. In this article, we present a case report and literature revi...

    Authors: Adel Alrabadi, Mohammad Ihmeidan and Saddam Al Demour
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:11
  9. In Zimbabwe, repair of obstetric fistula was established as a public health intervention in 2015. The aim of this study was to assess the quality life of obstetric fistula survivors before and after surgical r...

    Authors: Chipo Chimamise, Iris Shiripinda, Stephen P. Munjanja and Mazvita Machinga
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:10
  10. To evaluate the safety, feasibility of mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy (mPCNL) being carried out as a daycare surgery and to study the re-admission, stone clearance rate and complication rates following mPCN...

    Authors: P. Aarthy, Mathisekaran Thangarasu, J. Sanjay Prakash, Deepak Raghavan, Nitesh Jain, Arunkumar Balakrishnan, M. Chandranathan, Sandeep Bafna, Rajesh Paul and Nivash Selvaraj
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:9
  11. Globally, prostate cancer ranks as the second most frequently diagnosed cancer among men with the highest mortality rates being in Asia and Africa. The screening rates have been very low among men from develop...

    Authors: Ruth Gathoni Mbugua, Sherry Oluchina and Simon Karanja
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:7
  12. Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a heterogeneous group of malignant epithelial tumors of the kidney. It accounts for more than 90% of all kidney cancers. However, papillary RCC is the second most common histologi...

    Authors: Emmanuel Owusu Ofori, Baba Alhaji Bin Alhassan, Edwina Ayaaba Ayabilah, Patrick Opoku Manu Maison, Alvin Asante-Asamani, Henry Atawura, Ganiyu Adebisi Rahman, Patrick Kafui Akakpo, Emmanuel Gustav Imbeah and Prince Wilson Ofori
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:5
  13. Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) is characterized by an increase in the number of epithelial and stromal cells in the periurethral area of the prostate. Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) often develop as a ...

    Authors: Babatunde K. Hamza, Muhammed Ahmed, Ahmad Bello, Musliu Adetola Tolani, Mudi Awaisu, Ahmad Tijjani Lawal, Nasir Oyelowo, Khalifah Ibrahim Abdulsalam, Lateef Lawal, Abdullahi Sudi and Hussein Yusuf Maitama
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:4
  14. For 29 years, Laparoscopic Nephrectomy has steadily established itself as a technique for kidney excision. Patients as well as surgeons appreciate the benefits of this less invasive technique. Although the mor...

    Authors: Hicham Ncir, Mouhssine Errehan, Mohammed Oubihi, Mohammed Amine Lakmichi, Zakaria Dahami, Said Mohammed Moudouni and Ismail Sarf
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:3
  15. Inguinal hernia is one of the most common surgical diseases encountered in adults as well as in children. Though rare, giant inguinoscrotal hernias are reported in adults, however, are rarely reported in child...

    Authors: Jayalaxmi Shripati Aihole
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2021 27:2
  16. To evaluate and compare the recurrence rate of overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms after solifenacin treatment in patients who stop the drug suddenly versus those who gradually wean the drug after improvement of...

    Authors: Ahmed Abdelbary, Ahmad Aref Al-Dessoukey, Ayman Salah Moussa, Mohamed Saif El-nasr, Akrm Ahmed Elmarakbi, Ahmed Medhat Ragheb, Ahmed Mohamed Elbatanouny, Ahmed Abdellateef, Osama Sayed, Amr Lotfy, Khaled Mohyelden, Amr Mohamad Abdelhamid, Ehab Mohamad Galal, Amr Massoud and Rabie M. Ibrahim
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:91
  17. Malignant renal masses in paediatric age group are mostly Wilms’ tumour. RCC is very rare in this age group, papillary variant being the most common. Sarcomatoid variation occurs in 5% of adult RCC, while it i...

    Authors: Anuj Mahajan, Prashanth Adiga, Vivek Pai and Keerthi Raj
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:88
  18. Laparoscopic nephrectomy is the standard of care for nephrectomy in most developed countries. Its adoption in our setting has been limited due to lack of equipment and expertise. This paper sets out to show th...

    Authors: Avikar Singh and Ronald James Urry
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:85
  19. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common problem in aging males which has a potential impact on patients’ health-related quality of life. In the present prospective study, we evaluated the effect of addi...

    Authors: Mohamed Elbadry, Ahmed Issam Ali, Eman Saleh, Amal Kamal and Ahmed H. Gabr
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:84
  20. Urothelial bladder carcinoma accounts for around 3.9% cases of all the male cancers in India. Non-muscle-invasive bladder carcinoma (NMIBC) is predominant group which constitute approximately three fourth of t...

    Authors: Vivek Sharma, Avinash P. S. Thakur, Vasantharaja Ramasamy, Pushpendra Kumar Shukla, Fanindra Singh Solanki, Arpan Choudhary and Prashant Patel
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:90
  21. Intraabdominal testicular tumors are rare in prepubertal children, and most of the cases reported are intraabdominal testicular teratoma. The present study reports the first case of intraabdominal testicular y...

    Authors: Archika Gupta, Shiv Narain Kureel, Shalini Bhalla, Anand Pandey, Gurmeet Singh, Rahul Kumar Rai and Survesh Kumar Gupta
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:83
  22. Spermatic cord malignant mesotheliomas (SCM) are extremely rare tumours arising from the tunica vaginalis of the spermatic cord (only 18 cases reported—worldwide in the literature). Paratesticular malignant me...

    Authors: Iqbal Singh, T. K. Aravind, Dibya Priyadarsini Behera, Natasha Panesar and Dhruv Jain
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:87
  23. Infection after the penile prosthesis can be devastating to both the patient and surgeon with various complications and consequences. After introduction of antibiotic-coated implants, the rate of infection has...

    Authors: Nabil N. Moohialdin, Ahmad Shamsodini, Steven K. Wilson, Osama Abdeljaleel, Ibrahim Alnadhari and Ausama Saadi Abdulmuhsin
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:82

    The Correction to this article has been published in African Journal of Urology 2021 27:25

  24. Holmium laser has been used primarily for lithotripsy, and on soft tissue and tumor. Its effect on wood has never been described in the literature. Here-in case we were able to successfully laser intravesical ...

    Authors: Peter O. Afolayan, E. H. Abdel Goad, Avikar Singh and Shaun Pillay
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:80
  25. This University Medical School offers a 6-year MBBCh programme, of which the fifth year consists of seven blocks of 6 weeks each of which 2 weeks are mixed rotations in specialities such as ophthalmology, ear–...

    Authors: Alain Kabongo Tshiala, Mohamed Haffejee and Marietha Nel
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:81
  26. The standard surgical treatment of localized prostate cancer (PCa) has been rapidly changed along the last two decades from open to laparoscopic and finally robot-assisted techniques. Herein, we compare the th...

    Authors: Amr A. Faddan, Mahmoud M. Shalaby, Mohamed Gadelmoula, Younis Alshamsi, Daniar K. Osmonov, Nasreldin Mohammed, Adel Kurkar, Atif M. Abdel Latif, Paolo Fornara and Klaus P. Jünemann
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:73
  27. It is well known that urinary calculi are associated with urinary tract infections. Post-operative sepsis is one of the major complications after various endourological procedures for stone surgeries. These ep...

    Authors: Abhimanyu Gupta, Nachiket Vyas, Govind Sharma, Shivam Priyadarshi, Deepak Maghnani and Prafulla Kumar Swain
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:78
  28. Staghorn stones are difficult to manage with a risk of significant renal impairment and urosepsis. Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is the first-line treatment for staghorn stones. Often, multiple access tracts ar...

    Authors: Aso Omer Rashid, Sarwar Noori Mahmood, Aram Karim Amin, Rawa Bapir and Noor Buchholz
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:74
  29. COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed healthcare systems and limited access to surgical care. Urolithiasis can lead to emergencies and affect renal function during long-term follow-up. Therefore, timely and approp...

    Authors: Ali Abdel Raheem, Ibrahim Alowidah, Mohamed Soliman, Mefarrih Haresy, Ali Almozeni, Sultan Althagafi, Mohamed Almousa and Mohamed Alturki
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:75
  30. Crossed fused renal ectopia is a rare congenital anomaly where both the kidneys are fused and situated on one side and drain bilaterally into the urinary bladder. Rarely crossed fused ectopia can present with ...

    Authors: Ghanshyam Kumawat, Mohit Singla, Nishkarsh Mehta, Prashant Gupta and SS Yadav
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:76
  31. Leiomyomas are benign smooth muscle tumours predominantly found in the uterus. Rarely, they may be located in the ovaries, scrotum, bladder, lungs, vascular structures and spermatic cord.

    Authors: P. A. Egharevba, O. Omoseebi, A. I. Okunlola and O. A. Omisanjo
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:72
  32. Mutation of the tumour suppressor genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 is thought to cause early development of prostate cancer which has poor prognosis. The purpose of this study was to determine the expression of BRCA1/2 a...

    Authors: Patrick T. Amsi, James J. Yahaya, Sam Kalungi and Michael Odida
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:71
  33. The stone composition has a great influence on the outcome of its treatment. There are several tests to predict the composition of stones preoperatively and stone analysis postoperatively. Herein, we want to e...

    Authors: Mohamed Gadelmoula, Ahmed M. Moeen, Ahmed Elderwy, Mohamed S. Abdel-Kader, Ayman Elqady, Hassan A. Aboul-Ella and Essam Osman
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:68
  34. Ureteric avulsion is a disastrous intraoperative complication that can happen to any urologist during a common endoscopic procedure like ureteroscopy. The aim of this study is to evaluate the various managemen...

    Authors: P. Ashwin Shekar, Gaurav Kochhar, Dinesh Reddy and Anuj Dumra
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:58
  35. Circumcision has been practiced since antiquity and is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. The aim of the study was to compare the efficacy and safety of the two most common techniques: Fre...

    Authors: Babatunde K. Hamza, Muhammed Ahmed, Ahmad Bello, Tunde Talib Sholadoye, Musliu Adetola Tolani, Ahmad Tijjani Lawal, Muhammad Salihu Muhammad, Khalifah Ibrahim Abdulsalam, Nasir Oyelowo and Hussein Yusuf Maitama
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:66
  36. Cancer is the leading cause of death with 7.6 million deaths worldwide annually. About 19% of bladder cancer cases are attributed to environmental and occupational factors. The knowledge of any disease is very...

    Authors: Babatunde M. Duduyemi, Divine Lardey Agyemang, Ernest Adankwah, Hannah Nyarko and Derrick Andoh
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:59
  37. Renal trauma occurs in up to 5% of all trauma cases and accounts for 24% of abdominal solid organ injuries. Renal trauma management has evolved over the past decades, and current management is transitioning to...

    Authors: Syarif, Achmad M. Palinrungi, Khoirul Kholis, Muhammad Asykar Palinrungi, Syakri Syahrir, Reinaldo Sunggiardi and Muhammad Faruk
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:61
  38. The presence of unilateral right-sided varicocele hints at a serious retroperitoneal disease such as renal cell neoplasm. Such tumors are usually associated with a thrombus in renal vein or spermatic vein. We ...

    Authors: Priyabrata Adhikari, Siddalingeshwar I. Neeli and Shyam Mohan
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:63
  39. Urolithiasis in pregnancy is a major health concern and is one of the most common causes for non-obstetrical abdominal pain and subsequent hospital admission during pregnancy. The incidence of urinary calculi ...

    Authors: Avinash P. S. Thakur, Vivek Sharma, Vasantharaja Ramasamy, Arpan Choudhary, Prashant Patel, Sangeeta Singh and Subeesh Parol
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:60
  40. Association of the ureterocele and proximal ureteral valve is a rare congenital anomaly which can lead to quick detoriation of renal function due to double obstruction. Though ureteral valves have been associa...

    Authors: Anuj Dumra, P. Ashwin Shekar and Hardik Patel
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:67
  41. Despite improvements in surgical techniques of renal transplantation, still surgical complications remain a big challenge that might affect the post-transplant recipient and graft outcome. The aim of the curre...

    Authors: Mohamed Sharafeldeen, Omar Elgebaly, Tamer Abou Youssif, Ahmed Fahmy, Mohamed Elsaqa and Mohamed Said Abdelsalam
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:62

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