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  1. Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) is a common finding in pediatric age group. Here in we explored the possible risk factors that affect the rate of resolution in patients with primary unilateral VUR under conservati...

    Authors: Osama Sarhan, Ahmed El Helaly, Abdulhakim Al Otay, Mustafa Al Ghanbar, Ziad Nakshabandi and Fouad Al Kawai
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:49
  2. Isolated genital elephantiasis outside filariasis endemic tropical and subtropical regions is rare and presents a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. Serologic and radiographic investigation must be undertak...

    Authors: Youssef Kharbach, Zakaria Bakali Issaoui, Youssef Retal and Abdelhak Khallouk
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:36
  3. It was difficult to compare the outcome of partial nephrectomy among different studies due to the absence of standardized description of different renal masses. This problem led to the development of nephromet...

    Authors: Mohammed Salah, Mohammed S. ElSheemy, Waleed Ghoneima, Mahmoud Abd El Hamid, Ayman Kassem, Ahmed Abdallah Ashmawy, Ismail R. Saad, Ashraf A. Mosharafa, Hosni Khairy Salem, Hesham Badawy and Ahmed Salem
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:45
  4. Penile curvature in men with Peyronie’s disease (PD)—caused by tunica anchoring plaques with loss of focal fiber elasticity—theoretically increases the risk of penile fracture during sexual activity. Penile fr...

    Authors: Nur Hidayatullah, Khoirul Kholis, Muhammad Asykar Palinrungi, Syakri Syahrir, Syarif Syarif and Muhammad Faruk
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:43
  5. Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a common malignant tumor of the urinary system. The etiology of RCC is a complex interaction between environmental and multigenetic factors. Genome-wide association studies have i...

    Authors: F. Z. Bensouilah, Dj. Chellat-Rezgoune, M. A. Garcia-Gonzalez, N. Carrera, N. Abadi, A. Dahdouh and D. Satta
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:48
  6. The purpose of the current study was to prospectively compare mini-PNL and RIRS for development of acute kidney injury (AKI), success, and complication rates in a cohort of patients with kidney stones less tha...

    Authors: Metin Yığman, Semih Tangal, Tuba Candar and Mehmet İlker Gökçe
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:42
  7. Broken basket during retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) is a known complication. The literature regarding this common complication is limited. We report a case of broken basket and explain the technique by w...

    Authors: Vigneswara Srinivasan Venkatachalapathy Sockkalingam, Datson George Palathullil, Vijay Radhakrishnan and George Abraham Palathullil
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:31
  8. In developing countries, it is not unusual for patients with undescended testes (UDT) to present in adulthood and the late detection of UDT can be problematic. The limited contribution to fertility and increas...

    Authors: J. T. Viljoen, A. Zarrabi and A. Van der Merwe
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:40
  9. The cause of pyeloplasty failure remains unclear; therefore, increasing interest has been directed to identify the reason for dissatisfactory surgical results. Some studies attempted to investigate the role of...

    Authors: Ahmed Sebaey, Hammouda Sherif, Mohamed Abdelrahman, Ali Elshazli, Tagreed Abdelsamee and Tarek Gharib
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:47
  10. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in the world, and its etiology involves the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Interindividual differences observed in the metabolism of xenobiotics may...

    Authors: Somia Medjani, Djalila Chellat-Rezgoune, Taher Kezai, Mohammed Chidekh, Noureddine Abadi and Dalila Satta
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:44
  11. The prevalence of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) varies among individuals from different races or ethnic groups. South-Kivu province (DR Congo) has several morphologically different ethnic groups. Our aim w...

    Authors: L. E. Mubenga, M. P. Hermans, D. Chimanuka, L. Muhindo, E. Bwenge and B. Tombal
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:32
  12. Surgery for clitoral reduction has been practised for over half a century. The aim of clitoral surgery is to achieve normal clitoral morphology without compromising sexual function. To achieve these purposes, ...

    Authors: Waleed Dawood, Dina Abdallah, Ashraf Soliman, Doaa Khater, Shaymaa Elsayed, Magdy Omar and Haytham Badawy
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:39
  13. Circumcision is a common procedure in most parts of sub-Saharan Africa with an estimated prevalence of 95% in Ghana. It has been documented that most circumcision related injuries in Ghana occur after circumci...

    Authors: Patrick Opoku Manu Maison, Ikili Yahaya, Samuel Mensah, Cosmos Apraku and Elizabeth Egyir
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:33
  14. Prostate biopsy is a painful procedure. However, over the years, varied opinions exist among urologists about the methods of achieving optimal pain relief for the procedure. The purpose of this study was to co...

    Authors: Musliu Adetola Tolani, Muhammed Ahmed, Ahmad Tijjani Lawal, Lovely Fidelis, Abdullahi Sudi, Babatunde Kolapo Hamza, Mudi Awaisu, Oyelowo Nasir, Ahmad Bello and Hussaini Yusuf Maitama
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:26
  15. End-stage renal disease and loin pain are prevalent nephrourological topics with unfavorable reputations among populations. We aimed to present our center’s experience with the cases of phobia of renal failure...

    Authors: Rabea Ahmed Gadelkareem, Nashwa Mostafa Azoz, Ahmed Reda, Ahmed Abdelhamid Shahat, Mohamed Farouk Abdelhafez, Amr Abou Faddan, Mahmoud Farouk, Mohamed Fawzy, Mahmoud Mohammed Osman and Mohammed Abdallah Elgammal
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:35
  16. Cancer of the prostate (CaP) is the most frequently diagnosed non-cutaneous malignancy worldwide, and it is the second leading cause of death from cancer in men. In the developing world, majority of patients w...

    Authors: Olufemi Olayide Ojewuyi, Stephen Odunayo Ikuerowo, Emmanuel Ajibola Jeje, Oladipo Adeboluji Adewole, Abimbola Ayodeji Abolarinwa and Olufunmilade Akinfolarin Omisanjo
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:27
  17. The study was carried out to determine the trend of referrals with testicular torsion; the pre-surgery duration of symptoms; the rate of orchidectomy; as well as the seasonality and the age-related laterality ...

    Authors: Alain Mwamba Mukendi, Deirdre Kruger and Mohamed Haffejee
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:34
  18. Cytomegalovirus-related infections are commonly seen in immunocompromised patients. However, haemorrhagic cystitis is an exceptionally rare associated manifestation. We present an unusual case of cytomegalovir...

    Authors: Winston P. R. Padayachee, Sanjay Sadhwani, Sean W. Doherty, Alain Mwamba Mukendi, Eunice Van den Berg and Adam R. Botha
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:30
  19. Urolithiasis is considered one of the most common diseases in urological practice. Its prevalence is about 1% to 15% with 30 years old as the peak age of incidence. Medical expulsive therapy (MET) has been use...

    Authors: Mohamed Samir, Hossam Elawady and Mohamed Hasan
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:29
  20. Comparison between the clinical outcomes of mid-urethral sling procedure for stress incontinence with and without repair of asymptomatic stage II cystocele is made.

    Authors: Ahmed Yehia Abdel Aziz, Sarah Hassan, Samer Morsy, Hussein Aly Hussein, Dalia Abdel Azim and Mohamed Salah Abdel Azim
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:38
  21. The objective of this study was to assess the feasibility of multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) in detection, localization and local staging of prostate cancer (Pca).

    Authors: Abul-fotouh Ahmed, Hesham El-Helaly, Sayed Elawady, Tarek Elzayat, Gamal Abdelhamid, Mohammed M. Agha and Ahmed Fahim
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:25
  22. Uroterocele causes atony and stagnation in the ureter, thus predisposing the patient to stone formation. Multiple calculi in uroteroceles are common in adults but very rare in children.

    Authors: Zafer Turkyilmaz, Suleyman Yesil, Ramazan Karabulut, Fazli Polat, Kivanc Seref, Hayrunnisa Oral and Kaan Sonmez
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:20
  23. Although pathological factors remain the main determinate of survival for patients with bladder cancer, quality of surgical care is crucial for satisfactory outcomes. Using a validated quality score, we invest...

    Authors: Youssef Ahmed, Ahmed A. Hussein, Paul R. May, Basel Ahmad, Amir Khan, John Benkowski, Ayesha Durrani, Saira Khan, Justen Kozlowski, Matthias Saar, Carl J. Wijburg, Lee Richstone, Andrew Wagner, Bertram Yuh, Joan Palou Redorta, Prokar Dasgupta…
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:22
  24. Laparoscopic ureterolithotomy bridges the gap between open and endourologic procedures as it is minimally invasive and overcomes a few of the disadvantages of open ureterolithotomy. We report a case of a solit...

    Authors: Sheshang U. Kamath, Deepak Kaddu, Bhushan Patil and Sujata K. Patwardhan
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:18
  25. Catheter-induced urethral erosion can involve meatus, glans and any extent of penile shaft. These injuries cause a lot of psychological, social and sexual trauma to the patient. Though the use of condom draina...

    Authors: Ami Lal Bhat, M. Bhat, N. Khandelwal, A. Bhat and T. Singh
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:17
  26. The best way in the management of calyceal stone by percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is to go directly into the desired calyx. However, in upper calyx, this direct entry may be associated with undesired com...

    Authors: Tarek Soliman, Mostafa Khalil, Rabea Omar, Ahmed Mohey, Shabieb Ahmed, Hammoda Sherif and Mohamed Abdelazim
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:14
  27. There were controversies about the appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis regimen in order to decrease the incidence of post-transrectal ultrasound-guided prostatic biopsies (TRUS-PB) infectious complications. Thi...

    Authors: Mostafa Faty, Saleh M. Saleh, Ahmed R. El-Nahas, Tariq F. Al-Shaiji and Abdullatif Al-Terki
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:11
  28. The aim of this study is to evaluate the outcome of ureteroscopic lithotripsy of combined pneumatic and laser versus laser lithotripsy alone for the treatment of impacted pelvic ureteral stones. Ninety patient...

    Authors: Hisham Alazaby, Ahmed Mohey, Rabea Omar, Ahmed Sebaey and Tarek Gharib
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:16
  29. Learning curve of laparoscopic nephrectomy (LN) is mainly affected by two main factors: plotting performance and experience. However, there is paucity in the literature addressing the number of cases required ...

    Authors: Mohamed Masoud, Ahmed Ibrahim, Abdelbaset Elemam, Adel Elatreisy, Yasser Noureldin, Mélanie Aubé and Nader Fahmy
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:24
  30. The study was undertaken to assess the incidence of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) after short-term indwelling urethral catheter (IUC) in polytrauma patients admitted to a level one trauma unit using core...

    Authors: Emmanuel Owusu Sekyere, Timothy Craig Hardcastle, Ronisha Sathiram and Boikhutso Tlou
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:19
  31. Sometimes it becomes a dilemma to repair a failed circumcised distal penile hypospadias with partial or complete wound dehiscence. In many of these cases, redo operations need a graft or a flap. The aim of thi...

    Authors: Salah Nagla, Mohammed Radwan, Mohamed Alhefnawy, Ahmed Ghaith, Ayman M. Hagrass, Mohammed Shalaby, Mohammed Awad, Mohamed Ahmed Negm and Samir Elgamal
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:13
  32. There are global differences in the incidence, stage, prognosis, pathological profile and presentation of renal cell carcinoma (RCC). We review and describe the risk factors, pathological profile, stage and ep...

    Authors: D. E. Du Plessis, H. Van Deventer, P. Fernandez and A. Van Der Merwe
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:15
  33. Assessment of ureteric size is imperative for diagnosis of urinary tract abnormalities especially with regard to obstructive pathologies. The ureteric opacification and distension obtained from contrast-enhanc...

    Authors: Ukamaka Dorothy Itanyi, Joshua Oluwafemi Aiyekomogbon, Felix Uduma Uduma and Matthew Abodunde Evinemi
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:23
  34. Giant hydronephrosis is rare with a controversy about the complete loss of renal functions. Our objective is to present our center’s experience with the management of cases of clinically visible giant hydronep...

    Authors: Rabea Ahmed Gadelkareem, Mohamed Farouk Abdelhafez, Ahmed Mohamed Moeen, Ahmed Abdelhamid Shahat, Mohamed Mahmoud Gadelmoula, Mahmoud Mohammed Osman, Amr Mostafa Abdelgawad, Mohammed Abdallah Elgammal and Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Moniem
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:9
  35. Double-J (DJ) stents are among the basic and commonly used tools in urology. The DJ stent generally needs to be replaced or removed within 6 weeks to 6 months to avoid complications like encrustations, stone f...

    Authors: Sachin Patil, Kshitij Raghuvanshi, Devendra Kumar Jain and Abid Raval
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:8
  36. Testicular size assessment is an important and initial technique for the evaluation of gonadal function. Our study aims to determine the correlation between paediatric testicular volumes measured with the orch...

    Authors: Lofty-John C. Anyanwu, Oludayo A. Sowande, Christianah M. Asaleye, Mohammed K. Saleh, Aminu M. Mohammad, Mayomi Onuwaje, Timothy A. Olajide, Ademola O. Talabi, Jerome B. E. Elusiyan and Olusanya Adejuyigbe
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:6
  37. Some authors recommend not to perform laparoscopic radical cystectomy (LRC) for large bulky bladder cancer (BC) as the laparoscopic manipulation will be difficult. As there were no prospective studies focusing...

    Authors: Ahmed Abdallah Ashmawy, Ahmed Assem, Mahmoud Abd El Hamid, Ahmed Salem, Ayman Kassem, Mahmoud Amr Abdel Hakim, Mohammed Said ElSheemy, Ismail Rady Saad, Ashraf Abo El-Ela and Mohamed Elgammal
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:5
  38. Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the treatment of choice for upper tract calculi of moderate size. After ESWL, various factors affect the passage of small fragments through ureter like fragment’...

    Authors: Saurabh Jain, Mahendra Singh, Sudhir Khanna, Shahnawaz Rasool, Manu Gupta, Sachin Kathuria, Amrendra Pathak and Himanshu Pandey
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:7
  39. Moonseed vine (Triclisia gilletii Staner) in the family Menispermaceae is a robust creeper of up to 10 cm diameter, of the lowland dense rain forest. In Ondo State, located in the South Western part of Nigeria, t...

    Authors: O. S. Olayeriju, O. O. Crown, O. O. Elekofehinti, A. C. Akinmoladun, M. T. Olaleye and A. A. Akindahunsi
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:4
  40. The roles of androgen and androgen receptor (AR) signaling in the oncogenesis of prostate cancer are very well established. What is more poorly understood is the role of AR in other human malignancies includin...

    Authors: Mohamed Wagih and Marwa Kamel
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:1
  41. Digital rectal examination is a veritable tool for the clinical diagnosis and screening for carcinoma of the prostate. This study aims to assess the value of the different variables which constitute abnormal d...

    Authors: Eshiobo Irekpita, George Okwudili Achor and Ugochukwu Alili
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:3
  42. To assess patients undergoing radical cystectomy using enhanced recovery protocol and standard protocol in terms of intraoperative and postoperative outcomes and complications.

    Authors: Hisham Ibrahim, Sameh Kotb, Ahmed Abd Allah, Ayman Kassem, Ahmed Salem, Mahmoud Abd ElHamid, Hany ElFayoumy, Ashraf Mosharafa, Ismail Rady Saad, Khaled Mursi and Omar Abdel-Razzak
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2020 26:2
  43. Different treatment options were used to treat upper ureteral calculi. The aim of our study is to compare the stone-free rate and postoperative outcomes between semirigid ureteroscope with holmium laser lithot...

    Authors: Ahmed Issam Ali, Ali M. Abdel-Karim, Ahmed A. Abd El Latif, Amr Eldakhakhny, Ehab M. Galal, Ahmed Z. Anwar, Mamdouh M. El-Hawy, Tarek K. H. Fathelbab, Mohamed S. Elbadry, Mostafa S. Elsharkawy and Ehab R. Tawfiek
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2019 25:8
  44. Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and type 2 diabetes mellitus are prevalent in older men, and both represent a challenge to public health. Prior studies reported a correlation between BPH and (hyper)glycaemia...

    Authors: L. E. Mubenga, D. Chimanuka, P. De Groote, E. Bwenge, M. P. Hermans and B. Tombal
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2019 25:2
  45. Prostate cancer (PC) is the leading cause of cancer deaths among men in Ghana. This poses a public health threat, especially among the Ghana Armed Force (GAF) where the majority are males. This study aimed to ...

    Authors: Juliana Gyasi Necku, Emmanuel Anongeba Anaba and Aaron Asibi Abuosi
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2019 25:5
  46. Worldwide prostate cancer is the second most frequent cause of cancer deaths and is the commonest cancer diagnosed among Nigerian men. Screening techniques can be employed to detect the disease earlier in appa...

    Authors: Rogers A. Enemugwem, Beatrice A. Eze, Ukamaka Ejike, Eme O. Asuquo and Alafaka Tobin
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2019 25:11
  47. To examine the relation of baseline serum prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) to symptomatic changes in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) receiving tamsulosin through its relation to changes in internat...

    Authors: Mahmoud S. El-Adawy, Ahmed Y. Abdelaziz, Fouad Zanaty, Amr Hodhod, Ayman S. Moussa, Hossam A. Shaker, Hussien Aldaqadossi and Mohamed H. Abdelhamid
    Citation: African Journal of Urology 2019 25:6

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