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Table 1 Summarized data from primary ureteric SmCCa reported in the literature

From: Primary small cell carcinoma of the ureter with associated hyponatremia and rapid progression to bladder involvement: a case report

Authors Age/Sex Symptoms Location Staging Pathology Treatment Follow up (months, status)
Present case 77 F Haematuria Right T3N0M0 AE/AE3, Syn, CD56 NACT + RT 20 months, AWNR
Zhao et al 70 F Flank pain Left T3N0M0 CgA, CD56, Syn, NsE NU 9 months, DOD
Akshay et al 55 F Flank pain, haematuria Right T3N2M0 Syn NACT + NU 3 months, AWNR
Farci et al 79 F Flank pain, haematuria Right T3N1M0 CgA, Syn, CD56 NACT (1cycle), SU 5 months, DOD
Sato et al 63 M Flank pain Right T3N0M0 AE1/AE3, Syn NACT + NU 6 months, AWNR
Jang et al 59 M Haematuria Left T2N0M0 NsE, CD56, Syn, CgA NACT + RT 10 months, AWNR
Ahsaini et al 54 M Haematuria Left T2N0M0 NsE, CgA, Syn NACT + NU 24 months, AWNR
Kozyrakis et al 78 M Haematuria Right T3N0M0 CD56, Syn, CgA NU 6 months, DOD
Kho et al 77 M Flank pain Left T3N0M0 CgA NACT + NU 4 months, DOD
Osaka et al 70 M Flank pain Left T3N0M0 CD56, Syn NACT + NU 38 months, AWNR
Rupert et al 72 M Asymptomatic Right T3N0M0 CD56, Syn, CgA NU + Chemo 22 months, AWR
Hensley et al 67 F Flank pain, haematuria Left T4N1M0 Syn, CgA NU + Chemo + RT 7 months, DOD
Ouzzane et al 66 F Flank pain Left T3N0M0 CD56, CgA, Syn Nil 5 months, DOD
Yang et al 70 F Flank pain Left T3N0M0 CgA NU 9 months, AWR
  1. Only cases written in English and of proven primary SmCCa without synchronous neoplasms elsewhere in urinary tract or in different organs are reviewed
  2. AWNR alive with no evidence of recurrence, AWR alive with recurrence, DOD dead of disease, NU nephroureterectomy, SU segmental ureterectomy, M male, F female, NsE neuron specific enolase, CgA Chromogranin A, Syn synaptophysin