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Table 1 Literature review of published case reports of splenic metastases from RCC

From: Splenic metastasis from recurrent chromophobe renal cell carcinoma 12 years post-nephrectomy: a case report

Study Age (yr)/sex Primary histology Time to metastasis Primary side Outcome Met size
Strum [10] 59/M NS 22 yr Right Dead after 5 years NA
Ishida et al. [13] 50/M NS 7 yr Left Alive for 6 years 4 cm
Nabi et al. [12] 50/F NS Synchronous Left Alive for 6 months NA
Kugel et al. [23] 72/M Clear cell 2 yr Left Dead after 1 year 8 cm
McGregor et al. [22] 65/M Papillary Synchronous Left NA 8 cm
Shuck-Bello et al. [14] 74/M Clear cell 15 yr Right NA NA
Ielpo et al. [19] 82/M NS 14 yr Left Alive for 15 months 6 cm
Moir et al. [20] 70/F Clear cell 11 months Left Alive for 2 years 7 cm
Nunes et al. [28] 60/F Clear cell 5 yr Left Alive for 6 months 4 cm
Hardikar [18] 29/M Clear cell Synchronous Left Alive for 2 years NA
Zhang et al. [17] 67/M NS 2 yr Left Alive for 5 months 11.4 cm
Grewal et al. [15] 53/M Clear cell 2 months Left NA NA
Liu et al. [16] 75/M Papillary Synchronous Right alive for 16 months 9.9 cm
Romao et al. [9] 48/M Clear cell 11 yr Left Alive for 2 months 5.8 cm
Agrawal et al [21] 52/M Clear cell 3 yr Left NA NA
Pal et al [24] 54/F NS Synchronous NS Unknown NA
Tatsuta et al. [25] 69/M Clear cell 17 months Left Alive for 11 months 6 cm
Murao et al. [11] 72/M NS 10 yr NS Alive for 1 yr NA
Suzuki et al. [26] 43/M NS 7 yr NS Alive for 9 yr NA
Costantini et al. [27] 41/M Clear cell 4 yr Right Alive for 27 months 3.5 cm
This report 44/F Chromophobe 12 yr Left Alive, and well now at 12 months post-resection 5 cm
  1. NS not specified, NA not available