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Table 2 Functional outcomes of the patients in group 1 after placement of nephrostomy tubes

From: Experience of a tertiary-level urology center in the clinical urological events of rare and very rare incidence. IV. Urological surprises: 2. Clinically visible giant hydronephrosis in adults: Is there a significant function?

Fluid output charactersVolume/24 h<100 ml (n = 11)a100–400 ml (n = 5)>400 ml (n = 4)
Anatomical sideUnilateral451223
RI scanning split function: split GFR and percentage (done after the placement of PCN)NoneNoneNone0–8 ml/min
15–18 ml/min
18–25 ml/min
Definitive treatmentNone210000
Correction of the cause000014
  1. RI radio-isotope scanning, GFR glomerular filtration rate, PCN percutaneous nephrostomy
  2. aOne patient in group 1 died due to septicemia that followed immediately the placement of nephrostomy tube. Nephrectomy was done for 7 of the 11 patients. The other 4 patients were unfit for surgery and followed up with exchange upon being slipped, besides regular dialysis