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Table 3 Distribution of different grades of erectile function according to SHIM score and need for late penile prosthesis at the end of the study

From: Outcomes of low-flow priapism and role of integrated penile prosthesis management

SHIM grade and time to ED No (n = 64) %
Different grades of ED in recovered cases
Mild ED 26 57.8
Mild-moderate ED 7 15.6
Mod ED 8 17.8
Severe ED 4 8.9
Number and timing of patients needed penile prosthesis
Yes, late within 6 months 2 2.8
Yes, late after 2 years 8 11.1
Yes, late after 5 years 6 8.3
  1. In addition to patients who had immediate penile prosthesis, remaining 64 patients were investigated for erectile function status, we found that 45 patient (70.3%) had ED at different grades and time from recovery