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Table 4 Outcomes of the tumour with intravesical BCG

From: Complications of intravesical BCG therapy in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: our tertiary care centre experience

Outcome Symptoms Number of the patients
Completed BCG therapy without any adverse effects No symptoms 42 (28.2%)
Completed BCG therapy with mild adverse effects Mild irritative voiding symptoms, mild haematuria, fever < 38.5 °C 33 (22.14%)
Completed BCG therapy with dose reduction Severe irritative voiding symptoms, haematuria, or symptoms lasting > 48 h 21 (14.1%)
Stopped BCG due to
 1. Adverse effects (moderate/severe) Allergic Reactions (Joint Pain, Rash) 23 (15.4%)
Organ Involvement (Epididymis, Liver, Lung, Kidney, Bone, Joint, Prostate)  
 2. Disease progression Tumour is progressing 10 (6.7%)
 3. BCG refractory disease Tumour is present at 3 months, CIS is present at both 3 and 6 months 7 (4.6%)
 4. Recurrence during BCG Tumour recurrence after initial response 5 (3.3%)
 5. Patients’ not willing for BCG continuation   8 (5.3%)