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Table 3 Adverse effects and complications of BCG

From: Complications of intravesical BCG therapy in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: our tertiary care centre experience

Organ or system involved Number of the patients
No organ affected 62
 Cystitis 39
 Contracture 2
 Granulomatous prostatitis(GP) 5
 Prostatic abscess 2
 Granulomatous epididymo orchitis 4
 Testicular abscess 1
Upper urinary tract
 Pyelonephritis or renal abscess 2
 Renal granuloma 2
Penis balanitis 2
 Fever 6
 Arthritis, conjunctivitis 3
 Granulomatous lymphadenitis 4
 Pulmonary granulomatous disease 3
 Granulomatous hepatitis 2
 Pneumonitis 2
 Salivary parotitis 2
 Mycotic aneurysms 1
 Miliary tuberculosis 1
 Disseminated BCG infection 1