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Table 2 Comparison of outcome measures between the intra-rectal lidocaine gel group and the peri-prostatic nerve block group

From: Comparison of the tolerability and efficacy of intra-rectal lidocaine gel with peri-prostatic nerve block as anaesthetic techniques for prostate biopsy

Outcome measuresIntra-rectal lidocaine gel groupPeri-prostatic nerve block groupp-value
Pain during anaesthesia1.6 ± 1.93.7 ± 2.10.001*
Pain during prostate biopsy6.8 ± 2.22.9 ± 1.90.001*
Satisfaction with procedure24 (45.3%)46 (86.8%)0.001
Acceptance of a repeat biopsy32 (60.4%)47 (88.7%)0.002
  1. Pain score during anaesthesia administration and prostate biopsy are presented as mean ± standard deviation, while other outcome measures are presented as frequency (%)
  2. * p-value (independent samples t test) < 0.05 is significant
  3. p-value (Chi-square test) < 0.05 is significant