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Table 1 Comparison of baseline characteristics of patients with suspected prostate cancer

From: Comparison of the tolerability and efficacy of intra-rectal lidocaine gel with peri-prostatic nerve block as anaesthetic techniques for prostate biopsy

 Intra-rectal lidocaine gel groupPeri-prostatic nerve block groupp-value
Age (years), mean ± SD68.1 ± 7.865.4 ± 6.70.055*
PSA (ng/ml), median [range]18.6 [4.6–102.1]19.0 [4.0–103.2]0.740ǂ
Prostate volume (g), median [range]52.3 [12.1–280.7]59.0 [13.4–163.8]0.892ǂ
  1. * p-value (independent samples t test) < 0.05 is significant
  2. ǂp-value (Mann–Whitney U test) < 0.05 is significant
  3. SD standard deviation