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Table 2 The relationship between DRE finding and histological adenocarcinoma (PPV)

From: Assessment of the value of the different variants of abnormal digital rectal examination finding in predicting carcinoma of the prostate: a preliminary report of a two-center study

DRE findingHistologyTotal
A,H00(100%) 22
A, I01(50%) 12
A, S20(33.3%) 13
H62(73.3) 2230
I51(50%) 612
I, S02(33.3%) 13
A10(0%) 01
A, H00(100%) 11
O91(23.1%) 313
O, A00(100%) 11
O, A, H10(75%) 34
O, A, H10(80%) 45
O, H40(83%) 2024
O, H, I00(100%) 11
O, H, S00(100%) 11
O, I, S00(100%) 22
O, A00(100%) 11
O, S01(50%) 12
O, I00(100%) 11
S164(23.1%) 626
Total4412(57.3%) 75131
  1. H hard nodular, S suspicious nodule, O obliterated median groove, A lobar asymmetry, I indurations