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Table 3 Attitude toward early detection

From: Prostate cancer awareness and attitude toward early detection among male soldiers in Ghana: a cross-sectional study

ItemnMeanStd. D1(%)2(%)3(%)4(%)5(%)
PC screening is necessary for every man1374.46.8752.91.53.630.761.3
Screening can help in early detection1374.49.8502.21.55.826.364.2
Screening reduces a person’s chances1342.291.2676.016.413.429.135.1
Screening is not important for treatment1354.411.01065.
Screening for PC is expensive or costly1352.791.13415.621.539.315.68.1
I feel shy or fear to go for PC screening1351.931.15449.623.714.18.93.7
Screening for PC may be painful1352.161.04536.320.734.86.71.5
I do not know where to go for screening1351.911.09648.925.213.311.11.5
Composite score: poor attitude = 4.0%, neutral = 45.2%, good attitude = 50.8%
I have intentions of screening for PC1323.041.02911.49.849.222.76.8
  1. 1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neither, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree